How a Pinball Machine Works

Keep up with the world of pinball and arcade games by bookmarking us and/or subscribing to our RSS feed. Michael Schiess of Lucky Ju Ju Pinball takes us under the beautifully wired hood of an electromechanical pinball machine at Maker Faire 2009. Whether you're interest is pinball machine, pinball machines, video arcade games, classic pinball, you'll find it all here!

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16 Responses to “How a Pinball Machine Works”

  1. Wavatar MyGrandmaTheArsonist Says:


  2. Wavatar CelGamer Says:

    cool stuff

  3. Wavatar djben1977 Says:

    I never had a really good chance to see the inside workings of a electromechanical pinball machine. I’ve seen them worked on, but never from the outside in. kewl

  4. Wavatar PokemonRulez2468 Says:

    whoa made in 1 day?

  5. Wavatar hawaiidisc Says:

    One machine I played had electromagnets that kicked in to help draw the ball into the bottom. I always felt like this machine cheated and really wanted to see the guts of that evil machine.

  6. Wavatar auggiedogsam Says:

    I was there and I saw that in person!

  7. Wavatar dadude123equals5 Says:


  8. Wavatar TigerSlashX Says:

    he said shit we already know.

  9. Wavatar kenanscott24 Says:

    cool dude

  10. Wavatar javierenchina Says:

    the sad thing is….it took an insane genius to build a machine like that….nowadays it can be replaced with a microcontroller managing everything…that any kid can sit down and program in a weekend. all great accomplishments are just sand castles that will be washed away on the beach….*ANIME TEAR DROP* I’m not crazy ;_;

  11. Wavatar solomsolomol Says:

    introspective LOL !!

  12. Wavatar mate2000 Says:

    Nah actually, everything that people did to build old machines with hard work contributed to the development of modern processors. They couldn’t have sat down and waited for the year 2000 and go like “Hurray, we can now use processors, let’s build a PinBall machine!” because processors wouldn’t be invented without the knowledge of electro mechanics in the first place!

  13. Wavatar matkovicha Says:

    I like the Spartan Mansion in the background!

  14. Wavatar koolmagicguy Says:

    i love your videos! check mine out if you get a chance! Thank you!
    - koolmagicguy

  15. Wavatar STALKERX9 Says:

    Soo much work, and complexity, for a game, that doesnt match itself in excitement or fun to play it.

  16. Wavatar YourNightmar3 Says:


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