KISS Pinball Machine

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12 Responses to “KISS Pinball Machine”

  1. Wavatar ZX2ManDave Says:

    I’d sell my Grandma to Al Qaeda for that pinball machine!

  2. Wavatar bmx101895 Says:

    how much did it cost to restore it??

  3. Wavatar Timboard Says:

    I paid $2000 for the pinball, but I’m in Europe so I paid 1500€. It’s less money to buy one in Europe in this condition, sorry guys …

  4. Wavatar lettersfromtheleft Says:

    I remember playing this at a camp ground somewhere in Canada.

    I also remember they had the free game score set really low.

    So basically you had to be terrible to not get a free game. you could literally play for an hour on one quarter.

  5. Wavatar joselino71 Says:

    congratulations man!! i’ve been hunting one of those down since i was a kid. wish me luck please!

  6. Wavatar gangrail Says:

    i want ur pinball machine

  7. Wavatar karmices Says:

    Very nice my friend!

  8. Wavatar Bejoule Says:

    Gr8, congratulations! I just have wished you showed some gameplay in the video.

  9. Wavatar pizzaguy1966 Says:

    I used to play a Kiss machine in the local bowling alley for hours at a time. Once you got the collossal bonus, every time you completed a line of K-I-S-S you would get a credit. Plus the credits at the specified scores. Only bad thing was you couldn’t get more than 15 credits. We used to go over 999,999 all the time getting 3 credits for surpassing the high score. I would like to find a machine in good working condition. Also used to play 8-Ball, Dolly, Globetrotters, Nugent, etc.

  10. Wavatar LEON Says:

    is the kiss pinball for sale

  11. Wavatar admin Says:


    Here’s a page with any current Kiss pinball machines for sale:

    As of the time of this writing, there’s one for $1995 showing in the upper left corner of that page.

  12. Wavatar ben Says:

    i want to sell mine A condion GIVE ME I PRICE

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