Vendetta arcade game

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26 Responses to “Vendetta arcade game”

  1. Wavatar harrycobra Says:

    I agree with qhiqu333, Final Fight is the best scrolling beat’m up. That doesn’t take away the fact that this game looks really kick ass and I want to play it. Hope it comes on a compilation one day (just like final fight ;)

  2. Wavatar RBEO22 Says:

    man…I LOVED this game, it never got old

  3. Wavatar mayhski Says:

    Hehehe remember those Gaylords in their thight leather pants that start humping you when they got too close?! Most scary opponent in a beat-em-up EVAH!

  4. Wavatar conejito1000 Says:

    I remember I could pass the game many times with only one credit, ’cause the game never stops until you die… I never got bored of it:)

  5. Wavatar giagi11 Says:

    best coin op ever!

  6. Wavatar Pergiacomo Says:

    How mabny memories!
    At 10,i was really addicted to this coin-op!

  7. Wavatar amzo77 Says:

    What do I have to do to get this game back.?
    anywhere to download or live arcade release?

  8. Wavatar harrycobra Says:

    Yes!! Got it from a auction site for my arcade cabinet. My 3th oldscool jamma pcb after Final Fight and Sunset Riders :)

  9. Wavatar SonofSatan18 Says:

    They Need To Bring Stuff Like This Back.

  10. Wavatar jlgp78 Says:

    this is my old school arcadia games back in Peru among with SFII, samurai shadow, and many more those were real skill games I will spend most of my propinas there hahah great game great memories!

  11. Wavatar grafa79 Says:

    show de bola mo├žada!!!

  12. Wavatar aresaero Says:


  13. Wavatar swl9380 Says:

    i dont know y they didnt add this game on ds
    konami arcade collection, crime fighter and crime fighter 2, i think would been tighter if they had those two in collection

  14. Wavatar xxxRobsterxxx Says:

    I 1st played this game and completed it waaaaay back in 2001 when i went 2 orlando florida 4 my 3 week holiday. Awesome stuff! Cost me around $20 but it was worth it! :D

  15. Wavatar aubba Says:

    anyone know where I can download the soundtrack????

  16. Wavatar chevroletpower454 Says:

    2:45 when he smacks that dude chewing gum in the head with the baseball bat. LOL

  17. Wavatar vilchico Says:

    sorry for my english, where I can get this game i wish to play again

  18. Wavatar TonyTheShredder Says:

    MAME 32 arcade emulator.

  19. Wavatar art2774 Says:

    can i play this game online
    can someone giveme a website

  20. Wavatar docdoom187 Says:

    you have to download the MAME program and games.

  21. Wavatar Williamkurk Says:

    This game was fun. I can’t remember which character had the left-handed control on the arcade (Joystick on the right, buttons on the left), but I remember thinking: I’m left-handed and this is confusing me lol.

  22. Wavatar ModelJames13 Says:

    This game was great and a huge improvement over Crime Fighters. One of the most fun beat em ups around.

  23. Wavatar Zambaku Says:

    Where can I get a working version? I tried romnation but it dosn’t show in the mame32 folder -_-

  24. Wavatar krlesXe Says:

    Heh, good old Vendetta :)

    Bricks and bottles solves all problems, one hit and the creep’s dead.

  25. Wavatar omegaomni Says:

    I have been playing video games since ’87
    and I just got to play this now…

    This game rocks : no nonsense beat the shit out of thugs game. Every animation, every weapon feels satisfying.

  26. Wavatar Dan Says:


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